Nov 15, 2016

What and how to use Hidden Keyword Phrase technique

Before we continue this discussion, I want to warn you all if Hidden Keyword Phrase technique is one the “Black Hat SEO” method, my intention writing this is simply just for reference about some Black Hat SEO technique and to enrich your SEO knowledge. As you all know, there are two SEO methods: first, White SEO technique which is legit and verified by main stream search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, second, Black SEO technique where it’s not recommended because it’s illegal technique by  search engine and it can harm your website, so be wise before pick your technique because now day’s search engine like Google has developed a very strict and smart algorithm to crawl the internet, so be careful, unless if you are a Pro.

Hidden Keyword Phrase Technique

What is Hidden Keyword Phrase is a method where we placed a keyword in to a website template without being noticed by website reader, but still it can be noticed by search engine crawler.  How to used Hidden Keyword Phrase, here is the steps:

1. Go to edit HTML page (don’t forget to backup your template just in case if there’s a   mistake, so you can reset)

2. Placed this HTML code above </head> section or above ]]></b:skin>
#your blog keyword#   {
float:  left ;
margin:   -4500px;
padding: -3000px;

div  id = “your blog keyword”>
<a  href = “http://www.your”
title = “keyword”>keyword</a>



<div id=”header”>

3. Change the word with bold text with your domain, keyword and URL 

4. You can customized margin and padding number based on our template, every template has slightly different in value so try to see the template preview after you change it whether the  keyword phrase still appear or no, if the keyword still appear, try to increase or decrease the margin and padding value without change {-} mark in front of margin and padding value. 

5. If the setting was correct, our keyword phrase will be invincible on template background (hidden keyword), click “Save template” if already finish

On Page Hidden Keyword Technique

This technique actually has similar with Hidden Keyword Technique we discus before. Only the different is with this method we can add keyword simultaneously, and you don’t need to customize margin and padding value. Here is the steps: 

      1. Go to HTML page (don’t forget to backup your template first)
      2. Placed this HTML code above </head> section or above ]]></b:skin>


<a name = “top”></a>
<div align=left><font  face –verdana, arial  size=1>

<a href = “
title = “keyword1” > keyword1 <a/>  |
<a href = “
title = “keyword2” > keyword2 <a/>  |
<a href = “
title = “keyword3” > keyword3 <a/>  |
<a href = “
title = “keyword4” > keyword4 <a/>  |
<a href = “
title = “keyword5” > keyword5 <a/>  |



      4. Change the word with bold text with your domain name, URL and keyword 
      5. Save your template

      Off Page hidden keyword


The SEO technique that we discus above is a SEO method within our territory, which mean we are trying to build SEO strength from inside our website, but right now let’s talk another technique where we are trying to build our SEO strength from outside our territory. The combination of this two on page ang off page is a very powerful for our website rank in search engine, but once again this is Black Hat SEO technique so be wise.

In this technique we are trying to create a banner and we can make some banner exchange with someone out there, imagine if we can placed our banner in some website with good page rank, this will have a great impact to our website rank, because search engine like Google always listed the website’s page rank on their search engine form higher to the lowest page rank.

Here we are not going to talk about the banner design, because to be honest I myself are not good in creating a good banner but it’s not a big deal why, because search engine like Google don’t care about how good your banner is, (Crawler don’t understand art) what they care is the script code inside the banner, this is the basic of this technique.

Here’s some example of banner HTML code which you can used :

<! -- Power banner -- >
<a  href =  ><img border = “0”
Alt = “your keyword
Src = “http://yourblogname.jpg  /></a>
<nonscript><a href = “
title= “your keyword”><b>your keyword </b></a></
<! - - end power banner - - > 

You can change the bold text with your URL or keyword. Within the script we already add the <noscript> which give the hidden keyword. Now you can arrange some banner exchange or  you can give to your friend this banner so they can put this banner on their website.







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