Jan 2, 2017

How to get backlink with three unique way

Backlink beast technique

If you want to have many visitor on website then you have to be listed, number one position on Google search, and in order to be listed in the number one you will need backlink, because backlink is the primary factor of the SEO. But this is not a simple problem,  today Google and another search engine have a very strict  about backlink selection, natural and good quality, these two is the key of building backlink and to get these kind of backlink you will need certain technique, that is what we are going to learn. So not every backlink can give significant impact to your site. Instead of give you positive result it can harm you website. To build quality backlink remember this two concept natural and good quality content.

Big Change on link building concept

You see, not every backlink have good feedback for website, because it has negative effect to, if you want to use backlink service you have to be very cautious, because not all of them knows what they are doing, some of them even use an illegal technique called blackhat.
Why ? because once upon time Google search engine are not to smart to recognize a high quality backlink, this cause everybody create as many backlink as possible, this is before 2012, right now  this technique is fraud, even worse this is a suicide act.
Google now day’s are smarter, that’s way you have to be careful with what you do. But don’t worry to much here I’ll give you short preview about good backlink building concept 

1.Create website with good quality content
2.Promote this website to someone else
3.They will recommend this website trough their site or social media

The concept above is a natural and good quality concept, it has very big difference with another backlink concept,  because another site owner recommend your website with their own will, why? Because they fell it deserved to be recommended, because of the quality. Sound easy but it’s hard thing to do, but if you want to be serious with your site this is the best option. Think about it.

1.Hard way few backlink but good google page rank and safe
2.Easy way with more backlink but slow Google page rank and unsafe

If you threat your website as long term project or business I am sure, no 1 will be the best option.

Backlink with three unique way

Make website with good content as the foundation 

Ok, maybe we think Google search engine is just a machine, but it sure know how to assess and evaluate good quality content,, one of the main characteristic of site with good quality content is the visitors stay quite long in this website and has a very relevant content. This is why content is the foundation of the banklink building.

I’ll give short brief about how to create good content :

1.The site content is better than other website with similar content
2.It has interesting topic and liked by everyone or enthusiast
3.Give solution or problem solving
4.Enjoyable and easy to read content  

Ask to other website owner

Sound silly doesn’t it, no body’s want to add backlink from some unknown site, of course you have to understand  if they willing to add your site link to their website it will give a boost to your site rank. But how they willing to do that if your site doesn’t have quality site, so first thing is you must have quality content. 

Second is they have to know you, yes building communication with website owner which have better pagerank is necessary, try to remember if right know you are build a connection with someone more successful, so we have to be nice to them first before they nice to you, cause if not they will ignore you, try to keep in your mind if you are nothing for them, if you success build connection with them there is a chance they will add your backlink to their site.     

Here is the step :

1.Find website with similar content like your site but more popular and have better Google page rank
2.Try to find website contact person and social media contact
3.Give good comment every time they post new content and try to share it their post
4.Add their link to your site and start to build communication with them

This is simple technique yet very useful for long term backlink building strategy

Broken link building      

Broken link mean is an expired or dead website link to another website link, because expired domain, wrong link writing, deleted content aor another reason.

The idea of this strategy is asking someone to give broken link on their site to our’s, we try searching broken link on another website with simmiliar content to us, and offer them to fix this problem by giving our website link as an alternative. To search broken link we can use wayback machine, try to contact website owner, tell them if they have broken link on their site and try to offer our site content to fix their broken link problem. 

Best SEO program

There are techniques for every level, whether you are new and have little resources or you are an expert and have lots of experience. There will be something useful to you, if you want to know more about unique and powerful backlink building with unique technique please join with Backlink beast